Technical consultancy

In the regenerated pellet production phase, the type and quality of the industrial waste used can generate products which impact differently on the moulding or extrusion phase, altering their performance to a greater or lesser extent. In order to obtain the best results, we work with our clients during the technical and design phases to perfect the most appropriate pellet; working together over the phases enables the client to carry out moulding tests during the precision adjustment of the product to be purchased at a later date.

Logistics management

Slim line and flexible organisation and good working relations which have been consolidated over time with qualified transport companies enable us to manage deliveries to our clients with punctuality and precision, while respecting their differing needs and urgencies. Among these strengths, it is worthwhile signalling that we can supply the product either wrapped in big bags or in tanks (with specific prices) for clients who are equipped with silos for raw materials.

Storage and warehousing

If need be, we are able to supply a storage service for handling unforeseen events which impede delivery at the arranged time.

Credit management

In order to make our business relations more fluid and clear away any uncertainties, our company has always made use of the services of the credit insurance company EULER HERMES SIAC and the economic and business consultancy company CERVED.

After sales service

The constant and continuous monitoring of our delivered products and our willingness to find the most suitable solutions to all types of problems, are part of the strength and seriousness that our company offers to their clients.

Dieffe has obtained Authorisation for the National Register of Environmental Managers, in category 8, for waste brokerage and trade