Ethical Code

“The three rules of work:
  • Get away from chaos, find simplicity.
  • From discord, find harmony.
  • The best opportunity is to be found in the midst of difficulty.”
    (A. Einstein)

Trying to list what values underpin our entrepreneurial activity, it occurred to us that these three simple rules spelled out by such a great thinker as Einstein best reflected what Dieffe has built up over the twenty years of its history. Not only results and growth, therefore, but also the deep level of care and the great deal of energy which has been spent in order that work, whoever undertakes it, is always carried out with serious moral legitimacy, constant diligence, absolute transparency and is always characterised by honesty, confidentiality and impartiality.

Market trends and unexpected events just around the corner put all of us to the test at all times. Dieffe tries to find, using "simplicity" in its client, supplier, collaborator and partner relations, the solutions to the many-faceted difficulties that the world of work offers us. The simplicity of efficiency has always seemed to us to be the best response, in any case.

We believe it is fundamental to manage to build working relations based on trust and on fair collaboration, on transparency and the immediacy of our responses. That is why Dieffe always tries, in aiming to reach its target of economic growth and development, to safeguard human relations, working according to the fundamental rules of respect, awareness of cultural difference, by putting ourselves into the shoes of others at all times, as much as is possible, and in dealing with problems with the people we are in contact with, trying to round off the edges that don't help us anywhere in finding solutions and the best opportunities.

Overall, Dieffe pursues principles of fairness and loyalty in all its relations, even with its competitors and we believe that comparisons with them should be based on quality and on the value of the professional services offered, as well as on (measurable) results of satisfaction which have been obtained and documented.