Our calendars

The regeneration process of plastic and its valence eco-friendly describes in an ironic and joking in the calendars that Dieffe has become for some years now a company tradition.

Magicians and orcs, robot and elves, animals and vegetables are some protagonists of funny cartoons in which they are represented objects products with recycled plastics.


A new Division of Paediatric Diabetes at the Pordenone Hospital; a colourful place dedicated to children to help them to face every recovery day more peacefully.

Thanks to some private donations and to the creativity of a well-known multi-material artist, the wards of this new department have been lighten up with funny and colourful small animals like the hedgehog that with his quills reminds the insulin shots, or the hippo as moving is important for feeling better, and the snail, which teaches us that little by little someone can go everywhere.